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About 🌱 an experimental small-tech, self-sufficient creative research studio set up by Malcolm Content, an old punk trying to reconnect with his core values. Everything is a work in progress.

What does this mean? is exploring how somebody can ethically and sustainably make a creative bsuiness sucessful. We're looking at creating games, tools, art, music, writing and living using sustainable and ethical business practices through the utilisation of open source / FOSS tools, philosophies and methodologies.

The main question we're trying to answer is: Will this small creative studio be able to offset my cost of living, using the ideas above?

We are quite early on in this process, so bear with us and feel free to point relevant and interesting things in my direction.

The plan

The plan for this wiki is to host research and results into open source tools, methodologies, gamedev, sustainability, music and more. If the tools do not exist then I should attempt to make my own.

- research open source tools
- research open source methodologies
- research into creativity
- research into play
- research into games
- research into storytelling
- research into games as art
- research into sustainable one man production shop
- research into self-sufficiency / self-reliance
- research into analogue and digital sustainability
- research into can I do this as a sustainable business
- research into the five excellences

You can also find out the latest updates as well.

Created Friday 27 May 2022
Last updated Tuesday 31 May 2022

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