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home | about | now | all is an experimental small-tech, self-sufficient creative research studio 🌿

Welcome to the online wiki. It's a digital garden / memex / desktop brain used to help run my own self-sufficient, ethical sustainable creative studio.

Find out more About what that means. Here are some Digital Tools and online resources that I use to help achieve this. Here's the latest updates.


- How to build an open studio 🌿
- The five excellences🌳

Digital Garden Key

🌱 = Shoot. Needs tending. Basic quick note.
🌿 = Sapling. Needs filling out. Some info there.
🌳 = Tree. Fully grown note. Well done.

Here is the growings of a Library containing books and essays that help me learn, create, make, grow, prepare, play and run

Link to the Anarchist FAQπŸ”— because every site should have one.

β€œAnarchism is anywhere where people form their own communities and take responsibility for their own lives.”

You can follow me on MastodonπŸ”— at Merveilles Town.

Created Friday 27 May 2022
Last updated Wednesday 01 June 2022

Everything is a work in progress β€’ mastodon β€’ We value privacy β€’ manifesto β€’ chaotic good β€’ ✊🏿 ⚧ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ 🌍