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online resources 🌱

Here are the online resources that I use to help run There are other Digital Tools that I use, but they are not online.

Mastodon: Decentralised alternative to Twitter

Pixelfed: Decentralised alternative to Instagram

itch: Where you can download things I have created. Sometimes in exchange for monies.

Bandcamp: Where the music lives. You can also support my by downloading DRM free music in exchange for scrip.

Github: Software development platform. Hosting site. Popular with lots of people.

Codeberg: A democratic community-driven, non-profit software development platform operated by Codeberg e.V. and centered around, a Gitea-based software forge.

Liberapay: A way of supporting me through donations.

🔗 Patreon: Another way of supporting me through regular donations.

Paypal: payment processing platform. A necessary evil.

There will probably be more to add, but this will do for now.

Created Friday 27 May 2022
Last updated Monday 30 May 2022